Bepanthen Baby Ointment for Nappy Rash 100 g

Bepanthen Baby Ointment for Nappy Rash 100 g


  • Bepanthen Protective Baby Ointment helps protect the vulnerable skin of young babies from irritation and other causes of nappy rash.
  • Promotion of regeneration of skin in minor injuries
  • Regular breast care in nursing mothers and soothing of sore or cracked nipples
  • Retains the integrity of chafed, dry, cracked or split skin
bepanthen baby ointment for nappy rash 100 g


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Bepanthen protective baby ointment, gently cares for your baby’s delicate skin. The formulation of this ointment contains the active ingredient Pro Vitamin B5, which helps you properly care for young sensitive skin. After applying a thin layer the ointment helps skin regeneration, but still allows the skin to breathe, which additionally speeds up the recovery process.

Bepanthen baby ointment does not contain any irritating substances such as colors, artificial fragrances or preservatives, which makes it suitable for babies. It can also help reddened and chapped skin. This ointment is not only a treatment for red and sore baby skin, caused by wet nappies, but also makes a great addition to a daily care routine, helping to prevent the appearance of nappy rash. Bepanthen cares also for mothers – you can use the ointment after every breastfeed or as a treatment for sore nipples.

The substances found in this protective ointment, gently regenerate dry, aching skin and help to keep the skin moisturized for longer.

The solution for both baby and mum. Bepanthen Baby is a product you can trust – specially selected ingredients, decades of research and 75 years of experience in skin care ensure high quality.

How to use:

  • Apply Bepanthen Ointment to the baby’s bottom and genital area after every nappy change, when you have cleaned these areas thoroughly with water.



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