Bonnisan Syrup 120 ml

Bonnisan Syrup 120 ml


  • Prevent common digestive complaints of infants and children, and to promote healthy growth.
  • For relief from digestive complaints in infants and children.
bonnisan syrup 120 ml


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Bonnisan has carminative and digestive properties, which relieve symptoms of colic in gastrointestinal disorders in infants and children. Bonnisan helps infants and children gain weight adequately. Bonnisan helps restore the normal physiological functions of the digestive tract, acts as an appetizer, and ensures health and well-being.

How to use:

  • Infants up to 1 month – Half teaspoon three times a day
  • 1-6 months – one teaspoon three times a day
  • 6-1 year – Two teaspoon three times a day or as directed by your doctor
  • It can be safely used for a period of  2-3 months time, with gradual decrease in dosage.


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