Cetaphil Antibacterial Cleansing Bar 127G


  • Cetaphil Anti-bacterial bar is a gentle, antibacterial cleansing bar for dry, sensitive skin.
  • Moisturizing deodorant non-comedogenic.
  • Cetaphil soap bar is a non-soap formulation that’s milder than antibacterial soaps.
  • It’s designed especially for cleansing dry, sensitive skin and is ideal for bath or shower use.
  • Non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores.
  • Contains no harsh ingredients that might dry or irritate the skin


Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar is used for cleansing purposes. It is best for sensitive and dry skin. You can use it to clean your face, hands, and full body also.
This antibacterial bar acts as a moisturizer also. It cleans the whole body and left the body moisturized and clean. It is a mild cleanser bar.
It is non-comedogenic and made with a non-soap formula for sensitive skin. It is milder than any other antibacterial soaps.
It is made with the highest quality ingredients, and it is free from any harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates. It contains no harsh ingredients and does not cause any irritation to the skin. It does not clog the pores of the skin.
This antibacterial bar is ideal for a shower bath. You can take a bath with this soap.
The antibacterial bar is used to kill all the germs present on the hands and body. It also protects you from viral infections. It is used to remove dirt and dust from the face.
It is gentle and non-irritating on your sensitive skin. It is a hypoallergenic, chemical, and fragrance-free bar.
How to use:

  • While bathing and washing, apply the antibacterial bar gently on the skin.
  • Rinse the soap thoroughly.
  • Repeat the procedure for better results and proper cleansing.

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