Cyteal Antiseptic Solution 500 mL

د.إ 50.00

  • For gynecological and dermatological external use
  • Antiseptic Foaming Solution


Cyteal AntisepticSolution contains the combination of Hexamidine, Chlorhxidine digluconate and Chlorocresol. It is indicated for dermatological, gynecological and surgical cases.

How to use:

  • To be used pure or diluted to 1/10.
  • Dermatology: use pure Cyteal for cleansing followed by rinsing, or diluted to 1/10.
  • Gynecology: use pure Cyteal followed by rinsing, or diluted to 1/10 as a vaginal douche.
  • Surgery: Cyteal is used diluted to 1/1.


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