Eirofer CR Controlled Release Iron 30 mg Tablets 20’s


  • Iron helps in the formation of red blood cell and hemoglobin, which is essential for oxygen transport in the body
  • Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • No gastric side effects
  • Used for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia
  • In cases of increased bodily requirement during pregnancy and lactation


Eirofer CR Controlled Release Iron is a food supplement useful to integrate iron in case of lack of dietary or increased need. Eirofer CR contains three different molecules of iron placed in three different layers in a single tablet. The first layer contains ferrous bisglycinate, which is released in the first five minutes in the very first tract of the intestine, ie; the upper part of duodenum, aimed to maximise gastric tolerability, for a prompt release and a quick absorption. The second layer, the intermediate layer contains ferrous sulphate and vitamin c which is released in two hours of ingestion in the duodenal transit. The third layer, the retard layer contains microencapsulated ferric pyrophosphate, released during the transit through the jejunum and the cecum within four hours of ingestion. Eirofer CR contains 30 mg elemental iron, 10 mg each for each molecule.

How to use:

  • One tablet daily or as directed by physician

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