Eric Favre Aqua Mask 50ml

Eric Favre Aqua Mask 50ml


  • Eric Favre Aqua Mask provides hydration and revitalization of the most dehydrated skin
  • It regains freshness, comfort, and radiance. Thanks to its exclusive formula with Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Argan Oil, and inulin.
eric favre aqua mask 50ml


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Eric Favre Aqua Mask  is recommended for:
– Dehydrated skin
– Skin dryness
– Young and mature skin
– Oxidation and devitalization
– Dry, combination, and oily skin

Skin dehydration is manifested by a loss of radiance & comfort with more or less intense & persistent sensations of tightness: the skin tightens, especially after cleaning, we can also observe scales (small strips of dry skin that come off the surface of the skin). As soon as the symptoms of dehydrated skin appear, it is essential to provide it with the essential elements to improve the feeling of tightness, restore the altered hydrolipidic film & rehydrate in depth to compensate for the loss of water.
The use of patented active ingredients: The Eric Favre laboratory researches the best materials in order to present women with high-quality products. This is why several assets are patented:
– HydromanilTM
– Oligophycocorail®
– Actiporin 8G

How to use:

  • Once a week, apply the mask on clean skin, face, neck, and neckline and leave on for 20 minutes then rinse with water.


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