Fess Little Noses Saline Nasal Spray 15 mL

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  • Natural way to help relieve a blocked nose
  • Helps clear baby’s nasal congestion
  • Gentle spray to loosen and thin mucus
  • Helps you breathe easier naturally
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Fess Little Noses Saline Nasal Spray is a gentle saline solution that loosens and thins mucus to help clear a blocked nose, so your baby can breathe easier, naturally. Fess Little Noses Drops convenient bottle is ideal for newborn babies, allowing a gentle application of non-medicated saline into the littlest nose. Fess Little Noses is also available in a convenient and easy to use spray.

How to use:

  • Hold your baby upright, place the nozzle at the entrance of each nostril
  • Depress the spray pump. Apply 1 to 3 sprays per nostril



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