Germidine 10% Antiseptic Solution 125 mL

Germidine 10% Antiseptic Solution 125 mL


  • Effectively reduce germs that can potentially cause infection on the injured skin
  • Gentle on minor wounds and surrounded skin
  • Non-stinging and non-irritating to skin and mucosa
  • Degerming of the skin before and after surgical procedures
  • Antiseptic treatment of wounds, cuts and bruises
  • Post operative dressing
germidine 10% antiseptic solution 125 ml


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Germidine 10% Antiseptic Solution contains Povidone-Iodine, which is effective against all pathogens and kills bacteria, fungi, yeasts, protozoa and viruses. This is a broad spectrum microbicidal topical solution that contains povidone-iodine USP 10% w/v (available iodine 1%w/v).

How to use:

  • Gently clean the affected area with wet cloth
  • Apply small amount of Germidine Antiseptic Solution to the affected area
  • Let dry and cover with sterile bandage



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