Kiddi Pharmaton Syrup 200 ml Bottle

د.إ 54.00

  • Raising the general level of cellular activity increases mental and physical capacity.
  • Protects against stress, fatigue, and dietary vitamin deficiencies.


Pharmaton Kiddi Syrup contains carefully selected vitamins, minerals, and key nutrients that are important for growth, all in optimal doses for maximum safety and efficacy. Pharmaton Kiddi is a dietary supplement with the power of lysine, vitamins, minerals, and other essential trace elements that work together to restore and maintain the energy of your kids throughout the day.
How to use:

  • Children 1-5 years: 7.5 ml once a day
  • Children above 5 years: 15 ml once a day
  • For best effects, Pharmaton Kiddi syrup should be taken each day during or after breakfast
  • Infants and children enjoy the delicious orange flavor, so you can simply pour it onto a spoon
    Or mix it with food, fruit juice, or water to make a pleasant tasting drink


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