Melagyn Gel 200 mL

Melagyn Gel 200 mL


  • With antiseptic properties against fungi and bacteria
  • Calms the itching and has a natural deodorant effect
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
melagyn gel 200 ml


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Melagyn is a gel with tea tree oil, specifically for hygiene and protection of the intimate area. It protects against infections that can appear in situations like taking contraceptives or antibiotics, menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, vaginal dryness etc. It is indicated as adjuvant in the treatment with antifungals and antibiotics, to improve the symptomatology and to help to prevent the repetitive infections.

How to use:

  • Moisten the area, apply forming foam and rinse with water
  • 1 application per day for regular intimate hygiene
  • 2 applications per day in the case of infectious processes



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