Moxal Plus Suspension 100 mL


  • Relief from heartburn
  • Gastric pain relief
  • Relieves indigestion
  • Soothing liquid with rapid cooling effect


Moxal Plus Suspension contains Aluminum Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide that neutralize acid in the stomach  acting on the inner lining of the intestine and allowing gas bubbles to come together.. It also contains Simethicone. It treats symptoms of gas, which may include painful pressure, fullness, bloating, swelling in the abdomen, Sour stomach, Peptic ulcer pain, Increases water in the intestines, Hiccups, and other conditions.

How to use:

  • Two to four teaspoonful (10 to 20 ml) four times a day taken twenty minutes to one hour after meals and at bedtime or as directed by a physician. May be followed with milk or water.




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