Nisita Nasal Ointment 20 g

Nisita Nasal Ointment 20 g


  • Helps to loosen scabs and crusts
  • It helps to relieve sinus infections and stuffy nose
  • Can be used also to relieve seasonal allergies
  • Cleaning and moistening the nasal mucosa
nisita nasal ointment 20 g


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Nisita Nasal Ointment is indicated as a supportive treatment for blocked nose during colds. It also used for cleaning and moistening of the nasal mucosa in the vent of a dry air.

How to use:

  • Introduce a 1 cm long string of ointment into each nostril, several times daily
  • Insert the tube nozzle as deeply as possible into the nostrils, squeeze out a little ointment and distribute evenly over the nasal mucosa by gently massaging the sides of the nose
  • The ointment should be applied several times daily, particularly before going to bed




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