OtriNatural Plus Aloe Vera Spray 50 mL

OtriNatural Plus Aloe Vera Spray 50 mL


  • For effective, natural relief from a blocked, dry, and irritated nose
  • Effective method of gently cleansing the nasal cavities
  • Moisturizes a dry and irritated nose
otrinatural plus aloe vera spray 50 ml


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OtriNatural Plus Aloe Vera Spray is preservative-free isotonic seawater formulated with isotonic seawater and aloe vera to simultaneously cleanse and soothe. The formulation is gentle enough to be used for daily nasal cleansing. Nasal irrigation with OtriNatural Plus Aloe Vera Nasal Spray is able to remove excess mucus and allergens that cause irritation and obstruction of the nose. OtriNatural Plus Aloe Vera Nasal Spray is formulated with the natural powder of the aloe vera plant, known to have soothing and moisturising properties. The presence of aloe vera extract promotes the retention of moisture within tissues, soothing and rehydrating dry and irritated mucosa due to minor nasal irritations or low humidity environments.

How to use:

  • Suitable for children above 2 years of age and adults
  • Usual frequency 1-2 times a day per nostril or as often as needed if necessary
  • After each use, clean the nozzle under hot running water, dry it properly with a clean tissue and put the protective cap back on



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