Physiol 0.9% Saline Solution 5 mL 10’s

Physiol 0.9% Saline Solution 5 mL 10’s


  • Helps to clean and refresh the eyes
  • Removes nasal debris from the sinuses
  • Helps to clean contact lenses
physiol 0.9% saline solution 5 ml 10's


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Physiol 0.9% Saline Solution is a sterile isotonic solution for Ophta-ENT. It is indicated for installations, washings, eye baths, ocular surgery, auricular washings, washing of nasal fossa mainly infants, for rinsing contact lenses and surgical use in (Ear, Nose and Throat).

How to use:

  • For nasal washing: Turn the head on the left after being lying down
  • Delicately, introduce the tip into the right nostril
  • Press on the tip
  • Turn the head on the other side and redo the same operation with the other nostril
  • For eye washing: The instillations are done directly by pressing slightly on the single dose, being careful not to put in contact the single dose with the eye’s surface and wiping the exodus with a compressor hydrophilic cotton




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