Physiologica Saline Solution 5 mL 20’s

Physiologica Saline Solution 5 mL 20’s


  • Remove and liquifies the mucus in the congested nasal fossae in cases of dryness and cold without affecting the physiological pH of the mucosa
  • Used for ocular hygiene as washing and bathing the eye
  • Flushes out the ear to remove the dissolved secretions of earwax after using a wax removal solution
physiologica saline solution 5 ml 20's


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Physiologica Saline Solution is an isotonic sterile solution that does not contain any preservatives and is packed in single dose nebules. For nose it is indicated for cleaning of the nasal cavities. For eyes it is recommended to remove eye secretions in infants and children, it can also be used for eye instillation in case of redness and irritations due to several environmental effects as wind, pollen, dust, smoke and weather. For ears, it is recommended for the ear hygiene and for aerosols it can be used in aerosol dilutions and inhalation as directed by the physician.

How to use:

  • Twist the cap of the nebule to unlock
  • For nose or eye wash uses Physiologica 1 to 6 times a day or as directed by the physician



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