PIC 5 Plasters Aqua Bloc 15×10

PIC 5 Plasters Aqua Bloc 15×10


  • Highly breathable and particularly adaptable plaster
  • Elastic and water-resistant
  • Made with a special polyethylene support, it has three-dimensional holes that guarantee maximum permeability to air and steam, and at the same time protect the wound from dirt
pic 5 plasters aqua bloc 15x10


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PIC 5 Aqua Bloc plaster impermeable to water and bacteria with pad containing antibacterial solution with Chlorhexidine Digluconate, an antibacterial substance with a high antibacterial range of action that allows to control the micro environment of the pad thus providing protection of the wound from the risk of infection. Moreover, the special non-stick gauze of the pad allows for painless removal. Ultra-thin, transparent and breathable.

How to use:

  • Clean wound and dry thoroughly. Apply plaster, pressing edges down firmly. Replace with a new plaster every day.


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