PIC Rinoflux Saline Solution 2ml 20’s


  • A nose-clearing saline solution
  • Can be used daily if necessary
  • Suitable for use in aerosol therapy
  • For children and adults



PIC Rinoflux Saline Solution has lubricating, humidifying action that helps to keep your nose free of mucus, catarrh and other secretions,relieving respiratory tract congestion And it has many other uses, both on its own and in combination with a nasal spray or for diluted-drug aerosol therapy.

  • It is a sterile, ready-to-use saline solution in disposable vials.
  • It is indicated for daily nose hygiene for both children and adults, and for aerosol therapy.

How to use:

  • Use for daily hygiene as a nasal wash or as a nasal douche in aerosol therapy.

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