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Purifying, detoxifying and pore-cleansing
Anti-pollution face mask helping to remove oil and impurities
Boosted by skin-enriching fruit extracts
Dr Organic Charcoal Face Mask and Activated Charcoal works effectively in helping to cleanse the skin of excess oil and impurities. Dr Organic Charcoal Face Mask has been specifically developed to combat urban stress and pollution, and the toll this takes on the skin. A truly unique and innovative ingredient, Activated Charcoal helps to absorb and then purify the skin from dirt and oil. Combined with the Dr Organic proprietary blend of bioactive and organic extracts such as Aloe Vera Juice and China Clay, Dr Organic Charcoal Face Mask helps to leave the skin fresh and energised. Feel completely revitalised with a healthy, clear complexion and deeply cleansed pores.


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