Rhinomer Baby Force 1 Nasal Cleansing Spray 115ml

Rhinomer Baby Force 1 Nasal Cleansing Spray 115ml


  • For daily nasal cleansing
  • As natural as breathing
  • Rhinomer helps you breathe
  • The fog comes seawater allowing gentle but effective cleaning of the nasal passages
  • As a nebulizer, it is also indicated for the nostrils humidicación adult if nasal dryness
rhinomer baby force 1 nasal cleansing spray 115ml


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Rhinomer Baby Force 1 Nasal Cleansing Spray is an effective solution 100% natural combines all the natural attributes of seawater to produce a perfect product for nasal decongestion. Its properties have remained intact to achieve a decongestant optimal cleaning of the nasal cavity in case of colds, allergies or nasal dryness. It helps keep cleaning and daily moisturizing when used on a regular basis. In addition, thanks to its applicator, Rhinomer can be used in children from 1 year of age. Keep your nose clean of mucus ensures a clear breath without discomfort or choking, improving your rest and your continuous breathing.

How to use:

  • Spray once or twice into each nostril as required. The usual frequency is 4 times a day per nostril, but this can be increased if necessary
  • Applied anatomical Rhinomer applicator at the entrance of the nostril and press
  • After your application clean with a cloth or handkerchief to clean the surplus
  • In children aged 1 year, placing the baby on its side and apply Rhinomer applicator on the hole in your nose (contrary to the side on which is supported) and press to clear the mucus in sweeping




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