Simedill Antispasmodic Banana Emulsion 120 mL

Simedill Antispasmodic Banana Emulsion 120 mL


  • Relieves pressure, bloating in the digestive tract
  • Eliminates gas in the digestive tract
simedill antispasmodic banana emulsion 120 ml


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Simedil Banana Flavor Emulsion is a proprietary formula that combines simethicone with natural oil dill oil. It comes in the form of a liquid emulsion which can be used by people of all ages including infants.

How to use:

  • Take Simedill as needed after meals and at bedtime, unless otherwise directed by your doctor
  • Simedill may interfere with the absorption of many other medicines. Talk to your doctor about taking Simedill 2 hours before or after taking any other medicine



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