Vitane Calcicare Tablets 30’s

Vitane Calcicare Tablets 30’s


  • Calcium supplement for pregnant and nursing mothers
  • Magnesium plays a positive role in pregnancy and helps in pregnancy to full term
  • Zinc is an important co-factor involved in cell division and synthesis of numerous enzymes, DNA and RNA
  • Vitamin D3 helps in improving and development of innate immunity
vitane calcicare tablets 30's


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Vitane Calcicare Tablets are the best and safest calcium supplement for faster absorption and better utilization of calcium with zero impurities. Calcium supplementation is utmost essential, especially during pregnancy. It reduces pregnancy complications and thus ensures normal pregnancy and gestation period.

How to use:

  • One tablet 2 – 3 times daily or as directed by the physician
  • Take few hours before or after taking other medications and should be taken with food


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